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When you support the Union County College Foundation you help students who could not otherwise attend college. When you give, you get a wonderful feeling that you’re enhancing another person’s life. This feeling is one of the most special feelings you’ll ever have.

Today, make a contribution to the Union County College Foundation. Start giving and receiving. 100% of your contribution supports students. Union County College students rely on your encouragement and help to pursue careers. The Union County College Foundation has made giving as easy as it is rewarding by offering you a variety of ways to do so. 

You can find out more about supporting Union County College by clicking on  the links on the left.  Or you can make a gift now to the Union County College  Foundation's annual Shaping Our Future Campaign.

All contributions are 100% tax deductible and deeply appreciated.

Give Online

The  Union County College Foundation web site is now able to securely process credit card transactions; click HERE to give online.  In a few simple steps you can donate securely to us online (If your browser's Status Bar is visible you'll notice the closed lock at the bottom of this window).  Find out more about Union County College Foundation's online Security and Privacy Policies.


A simple and convenient way to make your contribution and earn a charitable tax deduction. Checks can be made out to the Union County College Foundation and mailed to us at:

Union County College Foundation
1033 Springfield Avenue
Cranford, NJ 07016


Gifts to the Union C.C. Foundation may be paid over time. Call or email the Foundation office for information about making a pledge.

Stocks and Securities

Giving highly appreciated stocks may allow you to make a larger gift and will avoid onerous capital gains taxes. Call or email the Foundation office for information about wire transfers.

Corporate Matching

You can double or even triple your gift if you or your spouse work for (or are retired from) a company with a Matching Gift Program. You may also qualify if you serve on a corporate board. Contact your company's personnel office.

Life Insurance

Gifts of paid-up life insurance policies that are no longer needed make excellent charitable gifts. The donor receives a tax deduction for the value of the policy and gift credit for the policy's face value. Click HERE to learn more.


Examples of items the Union C.C. Foundation may accept are gifts of equipment, real estate, and works of art.

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